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Now there is doSolutions, doBank's technological hub

20 December 2016
DoBank's range of action has expanded since 2016 after the acquisition of Italfondiario.

This Italian bank, which already operates in the field of the recovery of non-performing loans, has now established doSolutions, the new Group company that will focus on Ict and back-office activities.

The idea to create doSolutions was born from a desire to improve the Group's effectiveness and efficiency, maximise the competitivity of its products a improve its results. As a shared services company, doSolution's mission will be to generate innovation, contribute towards the streamlining and modernisation of the processes and reducing costs. DoSolutions is therefore a strategic asset in which the ability and creativity of its resources will be a determining factor for the future growth of the doBank Group.

"We are very proud of this project", says doBank Chairman Giovanni Castellaneta, "in fact, we believe that the decision to set up an ad-hoc company that would act as a pivot point and a breeding ground for innovation for all the companies in the Group is a strategic one in terms of improving our operational efficiency and our ability to respond even better to our customers' needs, at the same time enabling us to generate a number of important synergies and economies of scale" he concluded.