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Why choose doValue

Working in doValue means being part of a large Grouplisted on the stock exchange and present as a leader in various countries of southern Europe.
Thanks to a long history that has allowed us to expand geographically or abroad  and diversify the services we offer, the Group is present in  5 different countries (Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus).
Competence, specialization and resourcefulness are the basis for us to achieve excellence.

Continuous training

Our Training Approach is based on attention to the individual as a whole, through the enhancement and development of the skills.
We aim to develop our People’s full potential by offering a development and training program that suits all business needs by enhancing the key competencies and boosting a lifelong learning experience, addressing employees’ desire to grow.
Working in doValue means being part of an international, dynamic Group in constant transformation, a reality full of motivations. It means having the opportunity to grow and broaden your skills.
This is why in Italy every year we provide our People over 20,000 hours of training with more than 250 sessions on technical - specialist topics, regulatory updates, managerial training and courses dedicated to specific clusters of the company population, always with tailor-made content.

Among the different training & development initiatives in Italy we are very proud of the following:

Induction Program

Since joining doValue, with a personalized Induction Program coordinated by an individual Tutor, the company provides to all new resources the knowledge to best fulfill their role.


Academy Project

The Academy Project is a doValue format that aims to select, train and hire Asset Managers. The Academy is a structured professional training path addressed to young graduates in Law with the aim of identifying high potential resources and creating Junior Specialists in the management of NPL (Non Performing Loans). The Academy project is being extended to other professional profiles that are in close contact and support our core business.

People Strategy Program

In 2019 we launched the People Strategy Program: it is dedicated to the individual development and growth of our employees, and aims to enhance their  professional career.
The main initiatives in Italy are:
- High Flyers: dedicated to young people with the greatest potential in the company
- doManagement: reserved to doValue’s middle management
- doGeneration: addressed to our senior colleagues to valorize their  know-how and  professional experience.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

In 2021 we have introduced several training related to Diversity and Inclusion, like the unconscious bias training in Spain, to deepen our understanding of these biases, how they influence behavior, and what actions we can take to help counter bias in our work environment and the training course for the Diversity & Inclusion Committee in Italy which for years has been addressing projects on the subject of diversity and inclusion in the company. This path aims to enhance the ability of these "doValue ambassadors" to recognize and enhance the differences within the organization, to actively manage them and help create a working environment that enhances the expression of individual potential and skills. Training on “diversity and inclusion” is an opportunity to grow for the individual and a source of innovation and improvement to achieve company objectives.

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