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Professional Growth

Why choose doValue

Working in doValue means being part of a large Group, listed on the stock exchange and present as a leader in various countries of southern Europe.
Thanks to a long history that has allowed us to expand on the territory and diversify the services offered, the Group has been structured and expanded into 5 different countries.
Competence, specialization and resourcefulness are the basis for us to achieve excellence.

Continuous training

Our People Strategy is based on attention to the individual as a whole, through the enhancement and development of his skills.
It wants to respond to the expectations, values ​​and desire for growth of individuals, facilitating the development of Talents. Our training courses are aimed at developing potential young people in the company, at Middle Management and Senior resources.

Academy Project

The Academy Project is a doValue format that aims to select, train and hire Asset Managers. The Academy is a structured professional training path addressed to young graduates in Law with the objective of preparing junior specialists in the NPL portfolio management (Non Performing Loans). Its includes hours of technical-specialist training, selection of candidates and on-the-job training.

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