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We partner AISM (the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association) in order to promote the raising of funds for research and scientific study into this severe ailment. The AISM is the only organisation in Italy that is involved in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis on all fronts, supporting Italian scientific research and guaranteeing services to help people suffering from this illness at facilities located around the Country.

The doBank Group supports the "Gardenia Day" and "AISM Apple" campaigns, hosting the association's volunteers at the Bank's premises. The funds raised are used to support the many AISM programmes and excellent scientific research projects.


We partner the AIRC (the Italian Association for Cancer Research) in order to support cancer research and the distribution of scientific information through the collection of funds.

Since the year of its foundation, the AIRC has continued to provide substantial funding for cancer research in our Country, focusing particularly on young researchers and on sensitising and informing the public about this topic.
For a number of years now the doBank Group has supported the "Chocolates for Research" initiative.

Valore D

We are Sponsoring Partner of Valore D, the first Italian-born association established specifically to promote diversity and inclusion in the corporate environment.

Valore D aims to promote acceptance of all the various differences between employees (age, gender, nationality, religion, working experience) in order to create a working environment in which the wealth of different ideas, different backgrounds and different points of view are integrated and generate added value.

Through Valore D, the doBank Group promotes the concept of an innovative organisation that is able to overcome any type of prejudice and develop a truly inclusive culture that appreciates all people, proposing Leadership and Governance models that are inclusive and balanced and that encourage participation, collaboration and dialogue.

Open Onlus Foundation 

The doBank Group decided to support the Hopen Onlus Foundation, an organisation dedicated to helping children and young people suffering from rare genetic diseases, to contribute to the success of the organisation’s many projects.
The Hopen Foundation provides support to families going through this difficult journey and its mission is to promote the autonomy and independence of young people through social inclusion and introduction to the world of work.

Our donation will allow the Hopen Foundation to buy a minivan it will use to transport young people, enabling them to take part in social and leisure activities: sport activities, creative workshops, and experiences that will prepare them for the world of work.
These activities are held in several facilities throughout Rome, which the new minivan will make easily accessible to everyone.


Bimbi in Ufficio

The doBank Group adheres to the Children's Day in the Office with mom and dad, the initiative promoted by the Corriere della Sera dedicated to welcoming children to the company. The event organized in collaboration with the AIRC - promoted well-being, prevention and scientific research.
Education for healthy lifestyles, healthy nutrition and physical activity are the themes of educational workshops designed to help children become aware adults who are able to make healthy choices.

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M'illumino di meno

The doBank Group adheres to M'illumino di Meno, the day of energy saving and sustainable lifestyles, with Caterpillar and Rai Radio2. M'illumino di Meno returns on March 1st 2019 and is dedicated to the circular economy. The imperative is to reuse materials, reduce waste, remove "the end of life" of things.