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Securitisation Reports

Hereunder are the reports concerning the securitisation transactions involving doValue and for which detailed reports are produced to inform investors.

Click on the names of the various transactions undertaken by individual companies to view the page containing the applicable reports.

Credit list ANGERA:
Capital Mortgage Srl: Cordusio RMBS Srl: Cordusio RMBS Securitisation Srl:
  • Cordusio RMBS Securitisation - Series 2006 - Cordusio 2
  • Cordusio RMBS Securitisation - Series 2007 - Cordusio 4
  • Cordusio RMBS Securitisation - Series 2008 - Cordusio 5
Cordusio RMBS UCFin Srl: Large Corporate One Srl: Locat SV Srl: F-E Mortgage Srl:
  • F-E Mortgage - series 2003 - Femo 1
  • F-E Mortgage - series 2005 - Femo 2
Heliconus Srl: Impresa One: Impresa Two: Consumer One: Consumer Two: