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The management of UTP - Unlikely To Pay

The management of UTP - Unlikely To Pay

Italfondiario is the doValue Group company specializing in the management of UTP - Unlikely To Pay -, a type of loans that presents various opportunities for enhancement since it concerns companies in situations of financial stress, but with interesting prospects for relaunch and recovery, also through recourse to new finance.

UTPs are loans that are deemed unlikely to be recovered without having recourse to specific actions, but which, with proper management, can become “performing” again.
Proactive loans management can be an advantage both for Banks and Investors and for companies, who can see their business relaunched.

The UTP Servicing activity is managed by Italfondiario with a highly specialized team. The goal is to restore the ability of companies to generate cash flow to allow their loans to return to "performing". The management of UTPs is particularly efficient when the portfolio includes SMEs with exposures to different Banks, which can take advantage of the delegation of the restructuring process to a single Servicer.

Italfondiario, a doValue Group company, recently signed important agreements with leading national Banks for the management of UTP loans.


The UTP team - Unlikely To Pay –

We are always looking for qualified professionals who can find in the Group a dynamic and stimulating reality in continuous growth.
The composition of the team is multidisciplinary, specializing both in turnaround activities, distressed M&A and private equity-style management, as well as in out-of-court liquidation activities and in the structuring of composition procedures.

Why join our team?

In the doValue Group we take care of people's satisfaction and offer continuous training opportunities, for the enhancement and development of skills.
We are strongly convinced of the importance of the value that everyone can bring within the Group.

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