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Mission and Vision


Point of reference for the structuring and management of securitization transactions

Italfondiario guarantees to Investors and the market the proper competion of securitisation transactions achieving the best performance thanks to the highest level of expertise and to a consolidated know-how.

Since 2000, Italfondiario has structured over 50 securitizations: ranked 1st in Italy


Strategic Partner for Investors

Italfondiario aims to be the strategic Partner for the structuring and management of securitization operations, to support Investors needs and offer high value-added services.
Ethical Code
Ethical behaviour in business is a fundamental part of the corporate mission of Italfondiario. The Ethical code establishes the principles and rules adopted by Italfondiario to define a conduct model that is shared and consistent over time.
231 Model
Italfondiario has adopted an organisation, management and control model for its business activities, in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/2001 with regard to the legal liability of the company and its employees.

The impacts of the reorganization on the Company's Model 231 are currently being evaluated. However, the current safeguards remain effective