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NPL Servicing

  • Activities relating to the administration, management and recovery of loans by judicial and non-judicial means for its clients and on behalf of third parties, Originators and Investors, for portfolios mainly consisting non-performing loans. Within its NPL Servicing operations, doValue focuses on corporate bank loans of medium-large size and a high proportion of real estate collateral.

Real Estate Servicing

  • The management of real estate assets on behalf of third parties, including:
    • Real estate collateral management: activities to enhance or sell, either directly or through intermediaries, real estate owned by customers originally used to secure bank loans;
    • Real estate development: analysis, implementation and marketing of real estate development projects involving assets owned by customers;
    • Property management: management and maintenance of clients’ real estate assets, with the aim of maximising profitability through sale or lease.

UTP Servicing

  • Administration, management and restructuring of loans classified as unlikely-to-pay, on behalf of third parties, Originators and Investors, with the aim of returning them to performing status. This activity is primarily carried out by the Italfondiario subsidiaries pursuant to art. 106 T.U.B. (financial intermediary) and doValue Greece, pursuant to the Greek law/2015 (NPL Servicer under the license and supervision of the Bank of Greece).
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Early Arrears Performing Loans Servicing

  • The management acivity of performing loans or loans past due by less than 90 days, not yet classified as non-performing, on behalf of third parties, with the aim of supporting creditors and ensuring the rapid return of the positions to "performing" status.