Environmental value

The desire to make an active contribution to a more sustainable future and the sense of responsibility towards its stakeholders has led doValue to pay particular attention to environmental sustainability issues, an attention that is translated daily into concrete actions to proactively tackle the challenge of pollution, reduce the environmental impact of its activities and ensure that future generations can count on a cleaner, more sustainable planet.
doValue actively involves its stakeholders (shareholders, investors, employees, external network, customers and suppliers) through dedicated surveys, with the aim of knowing their approach to Sustainability and their opinion on environmental issues.

Among the ESG objectives and with reference to “Attention to the environment”, within the Sustainability Plan doValue has defined the three areas of commitment in relation to sustainability issues and has set itself specific objectives and targets, both quantitative and qualitative, with a view to continually improving its sustainability performance. It will measure itself in this regard in the three-year period 2021-2023.

Although the impact of its business activities on the environment is limited, doValue constantly strives to reduce the consumption of materials also through the promotion and dissemination of a culture oriented to environmental sustainability and also through the promotion and dissemination of virtuous practices both among employees and in business relationships.

The Group has been supporting for years projects in favour of the environment and has developed various initiatives in order to achieve increasingly virtuous environmental performance and to spread a culture of sustainability within the company.

Environmental sustainability: our contribution in 2021

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