Social value

For doValue, sustainability means orienting business strategy and daily activities towards the creation of shared value for the benefit of all Stakeholders.

The Group has been considering the creation of social value to be a fundamental theme for sustainable development and promotes, also among employees, awareness-raising projects and campaigns with a strong social impact both for the benefit of stakeholders and the entire community, investing in the countries where it operates.

For years now, doValue has chosen to participate in awareness-raising campaigns in favour of non-profit organisations and charities that work for the well-being of the community, with the aim of strengthening ties with the territory, supporting local communities in the areas where it operates and contributing to sustainable development.

Also in its Sustainability Plan, with reference to “Caring for people”, the Group has set itself specific objectives and targets in the social sphere, both quantitative and qualitative, with a view to continually improving its sustainability performance to be measured in the three-year period 2021-2023.

doValue is committed to enhancing and supporting the social development of the territory and reference communities, developing initiatives that involve stakeholders and contribute to generating long-term sustainable value.