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Value for Employees

doValue recognises the centrality of the people who every day, with commitment and dedication, contribute to the development of the Group’s activities and the creation of value in the medium and long term.

Their role is even more important in this period of transformation the Group and social change: it is essential to promote and spread a culture based on the values of integrity and mutual respect, supporting aware and responsible behaviours.

doValue offers a work environment where its employees’ welfare and professional development are essential requirements for the construction of a relationship based on trust and mutual respect that goes beyond the simple working

Diversity, inclusion and respect for human rights: fundamental elements of the corporate culture

doValue considers diversity, inclusion and respect for human rights as fundamental elements of its corporate culture and pillars of its own system of values and is promoting virtuous behaviour among employees.

The doValue Group has created the Identity & Communication Committee, with the aim of developing Brand Identity, Communication and Sustainability strategies.
The Committee, composed by  members of different companies of the Group, also promotes projects and initiatives to spread the culture of diversity and inclusion among its collaborators.
With regard to diversity, the Group has various initiatives in place, including:

• the institution in Italy in 2018 of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee for the Italian and Greek companies, i.e. a place of listening, created to support people to express their potential, regardless of their generation, status, and the different dimensions in which diversity is expressed.

• renewal of the participation as a Supporting Partner of “Valore D”, the first Association created in Italy for furthering diversity and inclusion within companies. The Association promotes the different characteristics of its collaborators (age, gender, nationality, religion, working experiences), to create a working environment that emphasises Gender Diversity and the culture of inclusion in the company;

• with reference to Altamira, the presence of an Equal Opportunity Plan, negotiated and agreed with the legal representation of workers and in compliance with Spanish Constitutional Law no. 3/2007 adopted on 22 March. The plan provides for the effective equality of men and women and the creation of an inclusive workplace that promotes teamwork and where different opinions are valued;

• still at Altamira, the definition of a Harassment Prevention Protocol, which is aimed at outlining the behaviours for preventing harassment and managing any complaint or discomfort

doValue participated in the Inclusion Impact Index developed by Valore D with the support of the Politecnico di Milano to offer all companies, whether associated or not, the opportunity to map their diversity and inclusion policies and measure their effectiveness.
The questionnaire measures the organizational impact in four macro-areas, governance, the ability to attract, develop and enhance female talent over time, and is based on international ESG sustainability standards.
The overall result of 78.6 out of 100 (+18.1 compared to the average values, 60.5) testifies to the commitment of the doValue Group on the issues of Diversity and Inclusion.
+35% employees in 2020
compared to 2019
57.9% are female in 2020
of the total employees
99.4% of contracts are permanent
in 2020

2017 59% 97%
2018 59% 94%
2019 56% 99%
2020 57.9% 99.4%