Value for Employees

doValue recognises the centrality of the people who every day, with commitment and dedication, contribute to the development of the Group and the creation of value in the medium and long term.
The enhancement and development of professionalism are strategic drivers: doValue continued to invest in its employees growth through policies geared towards the development and the reinforcing the skills with the aim of consolidating a climate of corporate satisfaction.

The focus on people is also one of the fundamental pillars of the Group’s Sustainability Plan and Policy, which guide the Group’s sustainable growth.

doValue is committed to sharing a culture based on mutual respect and to create a work environment collaborative and inclusive, encouraging conscious and responsible behaviours. This translates into constantly listening to the needs of its people and taking concrete action to promote individual and corporate well-being.
The creation of a positive working environment and the professional fulfilment of the employees represent essential requirements for the construction of a relationship based on trust.

doValue bases its relations on the values of fairness, transparency and integrity, avoiding and rejecting any other approach that may be discriminatory. The diversity, the inclusion and the respect for human rights are fundamental elements of its corporate culture and pillars of its own system of values.

doValue has created the Identity & Communication Committee with the aim of developing Brand Identity, Communication and Sustainability strategies of the Group.
The Committee, composed by members of different LEs, promotes projects and initiatives to spread the culture of diversity and inclusion among its collaborators.

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in 2021
3,153 employees
in 2021
57.7% are female
of the total employees
are permanent
99.2% of contracts
in 2021




2017 59% 97%
2018 59% 94%
2019 56% 99%
2020 57.9% 99.4%
2021 57.7% 99.2%