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Value for Employees

Children's Day in the Office

The doValue Group adheres to the Children's Day in the Office with mom and dad, the initiative promoted by the Corriere della Sera dedicated to welcoming children to the company.
in 2019 the event has been organized in collaboration with the AIRC - promoted well-being, prevention and scientific research.
Education for healthy lifestyles, healthy nutrition and physical activity are the themes of educational workshops designed to help children become aware adults who are able to make healthy choices.

The laboratories:
  • healthy Nutrition and seasonality of food - We are (also) what we eat
  • physical activity - Move to live well
  • prevention and research - health begins
Older children also attended training sessions with AIRC researchers who shared enthusiasm, motivation and results related to their work.
The children of all the collaborators of the Companies of the Group had the opportunity to visit their parents' workplace and share a special day with them.
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