Staff training and development
Staff training and development

Staff training and development

For doValue, training and professional development are key elements in the growth of its people: represent an important opportunity to convey both the Group’s values and strategy.
Training is essential for the Group’s growth: the Group is particularly attentive to the organisation of training courses that are as personalised as possible and respond to the needs of each individual.
The training offer includes, in addition to the planned training programmes, numerous webinars made available to staff aimed at providing useful working tools and personal development. .
Training enriches specific skills and is a tool for the enhancement and professional fulfilment of employees.
The Group also supports employees who want to enrich their personal and professional development by obtaining degrees, postgraduate master’s or certifications.

The courses carried out led to a substantial increase in the amount of training provided: in 2021 the Group provided over 69,000 total hours of training from 42,000 provided in 2020.

Training hours by gender and by role 2021 2020 2019
Women Men Total Women  Men Total Women  Men Total
Top Management 4,951 5,681 10,632 904 3,479 4,383 735 1,708 2,443
Middle Management 14,339 12,382 26,721 8,774 5,988 14,762 6,969 7,816 14,785
Staff  18,916 13,113 32,029 14,762 8,706 23,280 18,053 11,797 29,850
Totale 38,206 31,176 69,382 24,252 18,173 42,425 25,757 21,321 47,078


Average training hours per employee, by role, and by gender 2021 2020 2019
Women  Men Total Women  Men Total Women  Men Total
Top Management 124 533 72 29 33 32 26 19 21
Middle Management 39 31 35 24 15 19 27 25 26
Staff 13 16 14 10 6 7 17 18 18


Job specific training programme

Our Training Approach is based on attention to the individual as a whole, through the enhancement and development of their hard and soft skills.

We aim to develop our People’s full potential by offering a training program that suits all business needs by enhancing the key competencies and boosting a lifelong learning experience.
We follow a 70-20-10 approach where employees learn from the projects they are involved in (70%), learning from others (20%), and structured learning (10%).
Among our structured learning we ensure both soft skills and technical skills are covered with the training means we provide, including:

  • Soft skills (Leadership program, Specific value paths on Linkedin Learning, ad hoc platforms);
  • Technical skills (training on internal business tools and company and corporate tools such as Excel, Qlikview, & PowerBi).

Moreover, local initiatives on Diversity & Inclusion learning matters are launched (doTalks during Women’s month, training for female population, etc.) and employees itself are part of our learning offer, as our key subject matter experts are identified to spread their knowledge to their colleagues via internal training.

Our training programs are in constant review taking into account employees feedback from surveys and focus groups and updated on a yearly basis in order to give answer to the constantly changing market, the new skills required by our employees and the changes in law and regulatory.

Training in data security and privacy

Training on privacy and cybersecurity issues increased from about 2,200 hours in 2020 to more than 8,000 in the reporting year, reflecting the growing importance of issues related to data security and IT system management. 

The annual training plan regarding the Privacy includes: 

  • dedicated training;
  • constant monitoring of legislation and measures of the authority;
  • DEM campaigns aimed at wareness-raise the employees.

Training on ethical standards

In 2021 specific training under Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 and the Group Code of Ethics was provided to all employees of doValue Italy. As part of the training sessions were also provided specific focus in the field of Anti-corruption, Whistleblowing and tax crimes.
There were 20 training sessions and a questionnaire was administered for the beginning and end of the course in virtual classrooms designed to allow interaction between participants and the exchange of training material.
Moreover, during 2022, following the introduction of the Management System for the Prevention of Corruption pursuant to ISO 37001, specific training was provided in Italy in this specific field, with a participation rate of 98%. Employees of Foreign Legal Entities have received training on the principles of the Group’s Code of Ethics and their internal interpretations, as well as in the field of Anti-Corruption following the revision of the Group’s Framework.