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Strategic partner for the management of securitisation transactions

doNext is a company of the doValue Group, the largest European Group specialised in services for the management of non-performing loans.

doNext operates as Master Servicer in securitisation transactions pursuant to Law 130/1999.

As Master Servicer, doNext takes on the specific regulatory responsibility of carrying out the collection of assigned loans and of cash and payment services, as well as verification of compliance of the securitisation transactions.

doNext evaluates the foreseeable risks connected to the Servicing activity in advance, during portfolio management and up to the final phase of the transaction, ensuring proper performance of the securitisation transaction.

Relations with the financial market and with investors through:

support in transforming loans into securities that can be traded on the market (securitisations)
use of financial services, including “personalised” ones, connected to securitisation transactions, in order to offer high value-added investment opportunities in the lending sector
consolidated, international know-how in the valuation of assets (Due Diligence)