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Leadership consolidated
doValue S.p.A. is the new company name from 2019 of doBank S.p.A..

doValue, formerly doBank, was established in 2015 following the acquisition of UCCMB - Unicredit Credit Management Bank S.p.A. - by funds affiliated to Fortress. In 2016 doBank acquired 100% of Italfondiario, one of the main operators in Italy in the field of outsourced management of performing and non-performing loans: hence the birth of the doBank Group, today doValue Group.

In June 2019, the complex corporate reorganisation was successfully concluded, giving doValue the form of a servicing company governed by Article 115 of the Consolidated Public Security Act (TULPS), thus ceasing to be a banking group.

On June 27, 2019, the doValue Board of Directors announced that it had completed the acquisition of an 85% stake in the capital of Altamira Asset Management (“Altamira”). The Santander Group has decided to remain a shareholder of Altamira at 15% by not exercising its co-sale right.

During 2019 was also presented the update of the 2019-2022 Business Plan, in order to define the new profile of doValue in light of the integration of Altamira and to track future Group developments in the next three years.

From July 2017 the doValue Group, already doBank, is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange (MTA).

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  • doBank
    1994 Time Line

    Mediovenezie Banca
    Credito Fondiario di le Venezie incorporates Mediocredito di le Venezie and Federcasse

    Hence the birth of Mediovenezie Bank
  • doBank and Italfondiario
    2000 Time Line

    Mediovenezie Servicer specializzato
    Becomes a specialised servicer in the management of the NPLs of UniCredit and other Players

    Fortress acquires a shareholding in Italfondiario
  • doBank
    2003 Time Line

    UGC Banca
    Name change to UniCredit Loans Management, in short «UGC Banca»

  • Italfondiario
    2006 Time Line

    Merger with I.G.C.
    Merger with Intesa Loans Management, the bad bank of the Intesa Group

  • doBank
    2008 Time Line

    Merger of UGC with Capitalia Service JV, renamed UCCMB

  • Italfondiario
    2013 Time Line

    Development of the Group Subsidiaries

  • Italfondiario
    2014 Time Line

    BCC Ge.Cre.
    Acquisition of 45% of BCC Ge.Cre, start of the partnership on the BCC NPL market

  • doBank
    2015 Time Line

    Funds affiliated to Fortress acquired 100% of UCCMB
    and change company name as doBank S.p.A.
  • doBank
    2016 Time Line

    doBank acquires Italfondiario
    Hence the birth of the doBank Group

  • doBank
    2017 Time Line

    doBank Group is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange
  • doBank
    2018 Time Line
    From 1st of March is operative doBank Hellas in Athens: the Greek Branch marks the first expansion in a foreign market.
    On December 24, doRealEstate was merged by incorporation into doBank.
  • doValue
    2019 Time Line
    Corporate reorganisation: doBank S.p.A. changed its name to doValue and takes the form of a servicing company governed by Article 115 of the Consolidated Public Security Act (TULPS), ceasing to be a banking group.

    Completed the acquisition of Altamira Asset Management and announced the acquisition of the 80% of Eurobank Financial Planning Services (completion by May 2020).