The Remuneration Policy of the doValue S.p.A. Group was approved on 28 April 2022 by the AGM for the period 2022-2024, in line with the time horizon of the Business Plan.

It aims to reward sustainable performances across the Group, to foster the “One-Group culture”, reinforcing the retention, attraction and engagement of key people.

The Policy adheres to the Corporate Governance Code of Borsa Italiana, as a further measure of Governance strengthening and alignment to recommended practice, is compliant with recent regulatory changes, namely the update of Issuers’ Regulations published by Consob in December 2020, and is aligned with the recommendations regarding remuneration of the Corporate Governance Code from the “Corporate Governance Committee” of listed companies.

doValue has defined a Group Total Reward proposition involving all Group personnel, which aims to value the contributions and to take into consideration the working conditions of all employees.  
Group total reward

The Remuneration Policy is fully aligned with doValue Leadership Model, defined to ensure a successful engagement, commitment and entrepreneurial attitude from all doValue employees, based on the following values:

leadership model


The Policy defines the remuneration and incentive criteria for the members of the bodies with strategic supervision, management and control functions and the Executives with strategic responsibility. The principles and standards envisaged in the Policy are also extended, as applicable, to the subsidiaries of doValue, for the purposes of designing, implementing and monitoring their respective practices, plans and remuneration programs.