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The Remuneration Policy of the doValue S.p.A. Group (hereinafter "The Policy") pursues the objective of defining a remuneration system consistent with the long-term corporate values, strategies and objectives, with company results correctly parameterized in order to take into account the risks, with the necessary levels of capital and liquidity, and to avoid distortions in the incentive system that could induce the recipients of the Policy to engage in conduct in violation of regulations or to excessive risk-taking for the Group.
The Policy, in compliance with the Issuers' Regulations, defines the remuneration and incentive criteria for the members of the bodies with strategic supervision, management and control functions and the Executives with strategic responsibility.
The principles and standards envisaged in the Policy are also extended, as applicable, to the subsidiaries of doValue, for the purposes of designing, implementing and monitoring their respective practices, plans and remuneration programs.

The Shareholders' Meeting of doValue, formerly doBank, of 29 April 2021 approved the "Report on the 20210 Remuneration Policy and on the remuneration paid 2020 of doValue S.p.A." applicable to Directors, Executives with Strategic Responsibilities and Members of the Bodies control.
The Incentive Systems for the remaining personnel are regulated by specific internal procedures.