Integrated services for the management of non-performing assets

The doValue Group provides banks and investors with integrated services for the management of non-performing assets (loans and real estate assets) to support them in their objectives of value recovery (“Servicing”) by promoting the sustainable development of the financial system.

The activities of doValue are remunerated through longterm contracts based on a commission structure, which foresees, on the one hand, a fixed commission related to the assets under management, and on the other hand, a variable commission related to the result of the servicing activities provided.
Servicing activities include, in particular, actions related to the collection of NPE loans and the restructuring of UTP loans. With regard to the Real Estate business , revenues are mainly attributable to the saleof real estate owned by customers, in many cases following a revaluation.

The Group provides management services along the entire life cycle of loan and real estate asset:

•  Servicing of performing and early arrears loans
•  Servicing of UTP (unlikely-to-pay) loans
•  Servicing of NPL loans (non-performing loans)
•  Servicing of real estate assets deriving from the recovery of non-performing loans
•  Data supply services and other services ancillary to servicing activities


doValue also provides additional services to support investors in managing non-performing assets such as:
  • Master Servicing;
  • Structuring services for securitisation transactions, also backed by state guarantee (“GACS”): establishment of special purpose vehicles (SPV), definition of the characteristics of the issuance, public rating process (negotiation with Rating Agencies), tranching of the transactions and administrative management of securities;
  • Due Diligence: support in the acquisition/sale processes of loan portfolios, portfolio assessment and modelling, interview with Rating Agencies;
  • Other ancillary services: such as the provision and management of credit data.