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The doValue Group provides management services along the entire life cycle of loan and real estate asset:

•  Servicing of performing and early arrears loans
•  Servicing of UTP (unlikely-to-pay) loans
•  Servicing of NPL loans (non-performing loans)
•  Servicing of real estate assets deriving from the recovery of non-performing loans
•  Data supply services and other services ancillary to servicing activities


doValue also provides additional services to support investors in managing non-performing assets such as:
  • Master Servicing;
  • Structuring services for securitisation transactions, also backed by state guarantee (“GACS”): establishment of special purpose vehicles (SPV), definition of the characteristics of the issuance, public rating process (negotiation with Rating Agencies), tranching of the transactions and administrative management of securities;
  • Due Diligence: support in the acquisition/sale processes of loan portfolios, portfolio assessment and modelling, interview with Rating Agencies;
  • Other ancillary services: such as the provision and management of credit data.