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Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer

Terms and Conditions of use

This Website (hereinafter referred to as the "website") is an online information service provided by doValue S.p.A. Its use is subject to the user accepting the terms and conditions listed below. If you are unwilling to accept these terms and conditions then you should avoid using the website and not download any material from it.
Utilisation Restrictions
The contents of these web pages are covered by Copyright and belong to doValue S.p.A. All rights are reserved. The user may not in any way copy, reproduce, transfer, load, publish or distribute the content of these Web pages or any part thereof without prior approval from doValue S.p.A., without prejudice to the user's right to save the material on his/her personal computer or to print extracts from these Website pages for personal use only. The logo and brand displayed on this website may not be used on any other Website without the prior written consent of doValue S.p.A. The name "doValue S.p.A." and any other brand name bearing the doValue S.p.A. mark may not be used as the Internet address, or part thereof, of any other website without the prior written consent of doValue S.p.A.

Any irregular use of this website and the material contained therein shall be deemed to constitute a violation of the applicable laws and the author's intellectual property rights. doValue S.p.A. therefore reserves the right to institute any legal action whatsoever against the user, in any applicable forum, in order to protect the company's rights.

Liability Limitations

The information displayed on this website is provided in good faith and is deemed to be accurate by doValue S.p.A. Nonetheless, anyone who chooses to make use of said information should first check that it is actually usable and suitable for the destined use. All the information on this website is provided without guarantees of any kind, whether implicit or explicit, unless specifically otherwise indicated. Under no circumstances shall doValue S.p.A. be held accountable for any direct or indirect damages that may result from the use of this website. The information on this website may contain technical inaccuracies or typing errors. The information is subject to change or updating without prior notification. doValue S.p.A. may also improve or make changes to any of the products described on this website without prior notification. Use of this website, even after the posting of amendments to these provisions, shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of said changes.

doValue S.p.A. shall not be liable for damages of any kind or nature resulting from any failure of the Internet network (e.g.: service interruption, operating faults, viruses, harmful components, terrorist activity, etc.), abuse by third parties (data viewing, copying, etc.) or the loss of programmes or other data stored on the user's own computer systems.


doValue S.p.A. shall not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any material created or posted by third parties to which the Website is linked by a connection. Anyone who chooses to visit a website connected to the doValue S.p.A. website does so at his/her own risk and accepts responsibility for taking all the necessary precautions to avoid any viruses and other destructive programmes. The existence of links to other websites does not imply that doValue S.p.A. sponsors or is in any way affiliated to the entities that provide the services described on those websites.

Information received from doValue S.p.A.

Any information sent to doValue S.p.A. either via e-mail or via the website shall be deemed not to be confidential in nature. Therefore, doValue S.p.A. shall not be bound in any way with regard to such material and shall be free to copy, utilise, disclose, process, edit or circulate said material to third parties without restrictions of any kind. Moreover, doValue S.p.A. shall be free to make use of any ideas, concepts, know-how or technical knowledge contained in the said material for whatever purpose, including but not limited to the development, production and marketing of such material. Anyone who submits any material hereby guarantees and agrees to indemnify doValue S.p.A. against any legal action potentially instituted by third parties with regard to such material.

Law and jurisdiction

These conditions shall be governed by Italian Law. Only the Court of Verona, to the exclusion of any other court, shall have sole jurisdiction as regards any disputes that may arise with regard to these conditions.
This notwithstanding, doValue S.p.A. reserves the right to institute legal action in any Court in any Country other than Italy in order to protect the company's rights and interests.