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Related Parties

Pursuant to the CONSOB Regulation adopted with Resolution No. 17221/2010, the company approved a Policy for the management of transactions with Related Parties, whose controls are also extended to the subsidiaries according to the more detailed information indicated in the Policy.

The Policy on transactions with related parties has the purpose of defining principles and rules for monitoring the risk deriving from situations of possible conflict of interest determined by the proximity of certain subjects to the company's decision-making centers, a risk that may arise with reference to transactions with CONSOB "related parties", pursuant to the aforementioned Regulation.

The methodological assumption implemented in the installation of the procedure is represented by the mapping of a single process that regulates the safeguards applicable both to transactions with related parties and to operations in conflict of interest that could characterize the operations of doValue and the Subsidiaries.

This architecture also takes into account the evident similarities existing between the various cases, which can probably give rise, in practice, to overlaps.

For the management of transactions with related parties doValue has established the Risk and Operations Committee with Related Parties - composed of a minimum of 3 (three) and a maximum of 5 (five) members chosen from among the non-executive members of the Board of Directors, the majority of whom meet the independence requirements - a body which is entrusted with the task of issuing motivated opinions in the cases governed by the procedure to the Board of Directors regarding transactions with Related Parties.