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Board of Directors

The Company is controlled by a Board of Directors made up of no less than seven and no more than eleven members, as decided by the Shareholders Meeting.

The directors remain in office for a maximum of three financial years and their appointments expire on the date of the last Shareholders Meeting, convened to approve the final Annual Financial Statements, except in the event of revocation, forfeiture or resignation.

A number of independent Directors also sit on the Board of Directors. This number is proportional to the total number of Board members and is nevertheless in accordance with the criteria established from time to time by the Charter and the current regulations.

Composition of the Board of Directors

Giovanni Castellaneta - CV
Chairman of the Board

Andrea Mangoni  -  CV 
Managing Director

Francesco Colasanti (2) - CV 

Emanuela Da Rin  -  CV 

Giovanni Battista Dagnino (4) - CV
Independent Director

Cristina Finocchi Mahne  (3) - CV
Independent Director

Nunzio Guglielmino (1) CV 
Independent Director

Roberta Neri (4) - CV

Giuseppe Ranieri   - CV

Marella Idi Maria Villa (2) - CV
Independent Director

(1) Appointments and Remuneration Committee Chairman
(2) Appointments and Remuneration Committee Member
(3) Chairman - Risk, Related Party Transactions and Sustainability Committee 
(4) Member - Risk, Related Party Transactions and Sustainability Committee