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The External Network

For out-of-court proceedings, doValue relies on the External Network, made up of external professionals and debt collection companies who are in constant dialogue with the debtor client to identify the most appropriate and sustainable solution, evaluating the debtor’s financial situation.

The external network established at 31 December 2021 by 600 lawyers and 200 professionals, with proven experience in their respective fields, and about 50 debt collection companies.
This network ensures extensive coverage across Italy (the doValue Group is present in all 140 Italian courts) and enables the Group to benefit from an in-depth understanding of the timing assigned to processes, the dynamics of local real estate markets and other market factors that may be crucial for an effective loan collection process.

The doValue External Network has been carefully selected over the years and is made up of professionals with many years of experience in their respective fields.
100% of the professionals are registered in professional registers (Tulps agents, direct and indirect licence, Accountants, Lawyers and Debt Collection Companies) and 50% have a university degree.
More than 90% of the External Network has been working with doValue for more than 10 years and carries out its activities in support of the client in compliance with the Group’s Code of Ethics, the code of conduct and UNIREC’s pandemic guidelines.
  • How to join the doValue Network

We select External Professionals, Debt Recovery Companies and External Lawyers throughout Italy and offer to enter into a freelance professional collaboration agreement with them, governed by a specific Preferential Loan Management Agreement.

Being part of the doValue network means being able to count on an in-depth knowledge of the NPL market, solid loan management experience and specific, qualified training.         

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